LS400 Type 2 ONAIR Conversion Kit

Price: $1,822.00 USD

LS400 Type 2 ONAIR Conversion Kit:

Thinking about switching to air suspension? For those who currently own a set of Function & Form coilovers, we introduce our ONAIR Conversion Kit. This package offers Function & Form coilover compatible parts to convert your static suspension to an air suspension with ease. By providing you with all of the bags and brackets, we have taken the guess work and headaches out of figuring out how to convert your TYPE 1's or TYPE 2's. This fully reversible set up allows you to decide which ride you like better without having to permanently alter your coilover set. No need to invest in a whole new suspension system, upgrade your current set up with our ONAIR Conversion Kit.

Air Management

For ONAIR Management please click Here to go to the ONAIR Management page and make your selection.

Product Specs
Product ID : F2-LS400T2.AIR1
One year limited warranty UAS on bags and brackets
Gives adjustable spring rate for better performance and handling
Aero Sport bags on all kits
All required parts for air conversion are sold together in the kit
Brackets tailor made to fit Function & Form coilovers
Ease of conversion from static to air ride
Just as simple to convert air ride back to static
Compatible with specified TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 applications ONLY
ONAIR Conversion Kit compatible with all air management systems
Offers capability to own a 2-in-1 kit
Due to the nature of the Universal Airbag some minor modifications to the vehicle may be required to ensure airbag clearance
Please call in for details at: (626) 407-0015
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